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About This Program
This is LIVE training, not some video series. You’ll train with me. And you’ll be engaged from the very first minute. You’ll be able to ask questions on any material you don’t completely understand.
It’s a 3 month training program, one session per week, 4 weeks per month, approximately 90 minutes per session. There will be some (not too much) homework between sessions to cement the learning. All sessions will be recorded so you’ll be able to catch up on anything you miss or go back and watch any given session as many times as you’d like.

Best of all, you will be in a position to begin monetizing this System by the end of the third session. And I will help you do that.

Sessions will be a group format. If you want to work one-on-one, contact me and we’ll construct a program geared to your needs and your schedule.
If you’re a Business Coach struggling with client retention, spending more of your time attracting clients than helping them, this program is for you!
You see, the secret to client retention is to deliver results FAST! And to do that, you’ve got to have a broad array of tools (AND know how to use them) to deal with the issues your clients is facing.
Marketing is tough, expensive and …risky! And it often takes months to deliver results (IF it delivers results). Most customers usually don’t have the resources or the patience to wait around and see if the marketing program is going to work.
If You Think Every Business Challenge Can Be Solved With A Marketing Program, Think Again!
Need More Clients??
For most coaches, the constant need to find new clients translates into a lack of revenue and a willingness to take on anyone who can pay their fee. And that just leads to even faster client turnover. Rinse and repeat. I call it The Business Coach’s Dilemma (see more at
Need Better Clients??
You do? Then allow me to let you in on a little secret: You’ve been lied to about business growth.
Yep, lied to. You’ve been taught that the key to growing a business is to acquire more customers who will help generate more Revenue. But guess what? Businesses don’t run on Revenue. They run on Cash. And Cash comes from Profits, not Revenue. So forget about chasing Revenue with a lead-gen program, because Revenue feeds your EGO. Profits feed your FAMILY!
This training is for business coaches who want to find and convert high-ticket clients and retain them.
Who is it for?
How long is the program?
This is a 3 month training program, one session per week, 4 weeks per month, approximately 90 minutes per session. No contract. You may leave at any time.
TWO ninety-minute instruction sessions monthly, plus ONE sixty-minute personal consultation with Frank on any coaching-related matter.
All for ONLY $495/ month !
How much does it cost?
What does it include?
  • Complete coverage of all 6 Cylinders essential to deliver maximum results to your customers in the shortest amount of time
  •  Access to all recordings and all templates, calculators, and worksheets you'll need
  • A monthly 1:1 session with Frank.
Say Hello To The 6 Cylinder Success 
Business Growth Program
And these areas are all connected. Just like the 6 Cylinders in your car’s engine. Imagine how your car would run if 2 or 3 of those cylinders weren’t firing! Well, businesses are the same thing and very few of them run on even 3 cylinders.
I have personally developed this Program over the past 20+ years, after serving several engagements as the CEO of both publicly-traded and privately-held companies. And I have (literally) made millions of dollars with it (and even more for my clients).

The system is built around the idea that the best way to grow a business is by optimizing the Profit model before building the customer base with a lead-gen program. To do this, you -and your client- need to master 6 fundamental areas of business:
My Promise To You
You’ll be able to begin using the tools in the course to help convert and deliver results to your clients after just the first two sessions!
I don’t blame you. So how about this?? Take a free, no-obligation test ride. On me. No obligation. No strings attached. Sign up to get access to view Lesson #1 and see what you think (Please note: This is a recorded session from one of our previous classes. Your sessions will be LIVE).
Spoiler Alert
This program isn’t for most coaches. It’s targeted at the top 1% of those who want to live and play there. It will require some effort and commitment. But I will be here to help you every step of the way.
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Highly-paid professionals - Brain Surgeons, Entrepreneurs, Executives have what I will call a "tool box" that sets them apart from the pack. It makes them unique and helps create what we know as a Market Dominating position. Without this, you are just vanilla in a sea of not just thousands, but perhaps millions of consultants, coaches and "snake oil salesmen." If you want to up your game, to the very top .5 percent, you need to understand what drives a business - and that is profit and cash flow. You wouldn't want to run your race car on one cylinder, but maybe that is what you are doing in your practice. This course goes beyond Marketing & Sales,  and addresses the 5 other cylinders - Strategy, Operations, People, Finance and Systems. You will discover that while Marketing & Sales is important to growth, it may not be the right tool for the situation. And there will be many times, when you need more than one tool to remedy a sick business. This course will challenge your thinking and stretch your grey matter. It's not for the faint of heart, and for people who want to blend into the crowd. I strongly recommend you add it to your tool kit.  You can be the best - or be like all the rest. Choose wisely.
The Private Growth Advisor To Aerospace & Defense CEOs
Rich Kohler CEO, Founder
Performance Tailwinds Consulting Network
Ron Mathos
Let us be frank with you… If you are a business owner, you NEED to have Frank work with you to show you how to improve your business through each of the six disciplines in his expertise. Right at the top of his tool box is financial statement analysis. Frank will show you how to make your financial statements your most trusted advisor. Together with Frank, your financial statements will show you exactly how to improve your cash flow, often without needing to make a cash investment or find a new customer. You, your staff, and your family will be glad you invited Frank to help. Frank ignores trends and pop consulting and focuses on developing his clients through infusing timeless principles and fundamentals. Frank’s leadership enables creating business growth through a culture of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. Performance Tailwinds is grateful for Frank, sharing values such as bringing our clients fish while teaching them how to fish for themselves.
Here’s What Our Students Are Saying
More testimonials on Facebook and LinkedIn Pages.
Business & Life Strategist 
Dee French
Frank is my Mentor and I highly recommend him. With his training and ongoing teaching, I was able to land a client for $18,500 when he started helping me. Since then I have been implementing his lessons in my business and I have seen a major transformation.
OMG! Frank Mummolo founder of Six Cylinder Success, knows more about business finance than anyone I've ever known. He makes complex topics easy to understand with real world examples. My clients love this new knowledge I'm bringing to them. They're more successful because of Frank and so am I! Thanks, Frank.
Cindy Morus
The Business Profit Grower
CMF,CVF& Business Growth Specialist
Lisa Caine
Frank is the consummate professional in detailed business analysis to seriously drive profit growth. His ability to identify the not-so-obvious flaws in business structure, process, systems, people, strategy and very importantly, finance, is second to none. Frank and I have been business advisory professionals in separate businesses over recent years working closely to educate and improve clients' knowhow while helping to overhaul their businesses to significantly superior profitability. Frank is a highly respected colleague and a delight to work with. His enquiring intellect ensures that every critical detail is addressed. If your business is in need of a profitability injection, Frank is your man!
Working with Frank has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. His talent goes far beyond his business acumen which has saved and exponentially grown numerous companies. It extends to his unique ability to effectively communicate with and engage his clients. He takes the complex and breaks it down to a system where the business owner can easily grasp and understand the issues and solutions, making it much more likely that he will successfully implement and execute the various strategies that he and Frank have devised. In other words, Frank makes taking action easy. And that is what adds to the bottom line!
John Howard
M3 Leadership & Business Coaching
Frank has extensive business experience and is a great resource for business coaching and consulting. His methods generate results based on real numbers--improved profitability, better cash flow, more clients, etc.
Concierge/Personal Assistant for Busy Executives
Elyse Coleman
Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP
Lawrence Cohen
Frank is a sharp executive, with some of the best instincts that I have seen in a business client. That's the important factor - he doesn't just analyze numbers, but gets to the core of a problem and comes up with practical solutions.
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